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Distance and Time Calculator

Distance and Time Calculator is an Add-in for Microsoft MapPoint
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21 July 2011

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This software is a MS MapPoint add-in that is able to calculate driving time and distance from maps.

Distance and Time Calculator is an Add-in for Microsoft MapPoint. The tool will let you automate the calculations of driving distances from the set of push pins located on the MapPoint maps. Driving times too then can be derived easily from this distance data. You just set the push-pins for the locations you are interested in. Add-in will supply you the derived data in an Excel workbook. Operating the tool takes only a few clicks of the mouse. The workbook has sheets for distances, driving time, trip time and or cost. Features that got added over time include calculation of distance and time between two sets of push pins. Once a set of calculations have been started, the recent version will let you abort it if needed, for whatever reason.

The tool provides you with means to set time units, export options etc. This can be really very useful tool in any business where you need to make frequent trips. Not just you alone but a fleet of vehicles with people. So that, whether you and your colleagues make frequent sales or service calls, run a logistics fleet of vehicles, this tool can help you stay on top of the cost assessment part of the business quite easily. So, go ahead and give it a try when you are into one such business or do a lot of holiday travels even!

Publisher's description

Distance and Time Calculator is an Add-in for Microsoft MapPoint. This add-in automates the calculation of driving distance and time between many locations and will rapidly create a compatible Microsoft Excel workbook or Microsoft Access database from pushpin sets for in just a few clicks. The results are exported in an easy to read matrix format. The exported file will contain data for the distances, the driving time, the trip time and or cost. As an example, to compute distances and times between two 65 pushpin sets requires around 10 minutes on an AMD Athlon 2.2 GHz (Symmetrical route and Hide MapPoint options selected).
In Version 1.3, the following features have been added:
- Two new export formats: HTML and Comma-Separated values (csv)
- Check for update: Now you can check for newer version (For registered copy)
- .Net Framework 4.0: Benefits of latest MS Windows features
- Many bugs have been fixed for improved stability
The trial version can be used for a period of 30 days and is a fully functional version of the product so you can try it before buying a copy.
Distance and Time Calculator
Distance and Time Calculator
Version 1.3
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